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Useful Nutritional Information for Arthritis Remedy

Ayurvedic suggests that you avoid hot and hot food and other food that can intensify body gas like clothes, cauliflower, spinach, okra, apples etc.

It also suggests that items like coffee, tea, sugars, yogurt amongst others should only be experienced in control. This is too aid the cleansing of the intestinal tract.

The best food to eat to achieve cleansing are: Fresh fruit Drinks, selfmade cereal, fruit, green soups and prepared veggies like pumpkin and crush.

Arthritis or combined problems is triggered mainly due to withdrawal of agni or intestinal fire. This results in poor digestive function, which causes build up of partly digested harmful toxins in the body leading to accumulate of ama (waste matter).

Ayurveda identify osteoarthritis into three – vata, pitta and kapha type combined problems.

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