Monday, 19 December 2011

Ayurvedic Medicines for hair loss,liver problem,skin problems-Aloe Juice-Nirmal Ayur Life

Aloe Juice
Ayurvedic Medicines for Hair Loss
Aloe Juice effective for hair loss,liver downside,skin issues,menstrual cycle,bloating,anemia,cough and cold,fungal infection.

It contains the amino acids, enzymes, minerals and every one alternative nutrients that are essential for correct nourishment & maintenance of the body. It ensures a bigger feeling of wellbeing permitting energy level to extend & facilitate maintain healthy body weight.
It has natural detoxifying skills. It improves bowel regularity & will increase protein absorption. It reduces heart-burn, bloating, discomfort & helps to ease stress that ends up in additional attacks of irritable bowel syndrome.

Cost :
Rs. 275.00 per 500ml pet bottle (inclusive of all taxes). 


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Ayurvedic Medicines for cough,dry cough,bronchitis-Aloe Cough Syrup-Nirmal Ayur Life

Aloe Cough Syrup
Ayurvedic Medicines for cough

Aloe Cough Syrup effective for cough,dry cough,asthma,bronchitis.

Relieves wet and dry cough, cold, sore throat, congestion & bronchitis,Effective in smoker's cough,Relieves flatulence & headache. doesn't promot drowsiness,Provides strength to respiratory organs.
It has anti-septic action. It protects the throat & respiratory tract from bacterial & viral infection,It has muco-kinetic action that suppresses dry cough. it's anti-allergic & conjointly a superb analgesic,It contains cinnamic acid that has antitubercular activity.

Cost :
Rs. 40.00 per 100ml pet bottle (inclusive of all taxes).

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Ayurvedic Medicines for hyperacidity,headache,gastric -Acinil Tablets-Nirmal Ayur Life

Acinil Tablets
Ayurvedic Medicines for Hyperacidity

Acinil Tablets effective for hyperacidity,headache,abdominal pain,vomiting,gastric,flatulence,heart-burn,acidity.
Relieves acidity,Reduces heart-burn, nausea & abdominal pain.,Relieves flatulence & headache.
It improves appetite,It has Vatanulomak & Anti-spasmodic (Shulhar) properties that ,help to alleviate abdominal pain, nausea and flatulence,It contains Mauktik Bhasma, Kapardik Bhasma, Suvarngarik & Guduchi that facilitate to cut back inflammation of gastric mucosa.

Cost :
Rs. 20.00 per strip of 10 tablets (inclusive of all taxes). 

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