Monday, 20 February 2012

Ayurvedic Medicines for piles - Laxzi Granules - Nirmal Ayur Life Pvt.Ltd. Mumbai

Ayurvedic Medicines for piles
It promotes ancient appetite, improves digestion & acts as a bowel regulator.
They are good appetizers & facilitate in reducing belging, heartburn, flatulence & corrects indigestion.

Not counseled for youngsters below twelve years.
Do not use throughout pregnancy & lactation amount.
Do not use in abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting.
Do not use in hypertensive patients. it's going to potentiate the action of digoxin & alternative hear medications as a result of potassium depletion.

Effective traditionally Helps ayurvedic medicines for liver problem-It helps in improving the peristaltic movements of the bowel hence useful as a laxative.
Detoxifies, stimulates & improves the bowel,Increases appetite,Useful in piles,Corrects digestion.

Dosage :

1 tablespoon with luke-warm water when food at nighttime or as directed by the physician.

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