Monday, 19 December 2011

Ayurvedic Medicines for cough,dry cough,bronchitis-Aloe Cough Syrup-Nirmal Ayur Life

Aloe Cough Syrup
Ayurvedic Medicines for cough

Aloe Cough Syrup effective for cough,dry cough,asthma,bronchitis.

Relieves wet and dry cough, cold, sore throat, congestion & bronchitis,Effective in smoker's cough,Relieves flatulence & headache. doesn't promot drowsiness,Provides strength to respiratory organs.
It has anti-septic action. It protects the throat & respiratory tract from bacterial & viral infection,It has muco-kinetic action that suppresses dry cough. it's anti-allergic & conjointly a superb analgesic,It contains cinnamic acid that has antitubercular activity.

Cost :
Rs. 40.00 per 100ml pet bottle (inclusive of all taxes).

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